Business as ususal – We have a decentralized organization with a high level of autonomy creating freedom and flexibility. We believe the best decisions are made close to the customer by people who best know the customer’s needs and processes.


Professional Board – We work together with the companies, support management and act as a sounding board.


Financial strength and long-term perspective – The groups financial strength creates stability and facilitates expansion and development of the group. As a stable and long-term owner who invests private capital, we take responsibility for the subsidiaries’ development and think long-term.


Competence development – We continuously invest in our employees to secure the companies’ development in the long term. Included in this is an active succession planning so that the companies can develop in the long term.


Rationality – Use common sense and think logically.

Our goal is to be a responsible and long-term owner and to provide our companies with the best possibilities to grow and prosper. 

Guard Ambergate and your values – Integrity and care for our reputation are at the heart of everything we do. We expect bad news to be reported right away. Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders value honesty and our values contribute to better decisions and better outcomes.


Financial awareness – The goal is to improve profits every year. This is simple and measurable. Communicate frequently with the organization so that everyone knows where we are.


Reinvest profits – Allocate time and resources to the divisions, products and customers where profitability is highest. Investments (including acquisitions) are encouraged when returns are good.


Acquisition principles – We evaluate potential acquisitions ourselves. This allows us to work quickly and efficiently. We are looking for companies with the following character.

  • Proven profitability
  • Good return on own capital
  • Management in place (unless bolt-on acquisition)
  • Simple business model that we can understand
  • The right price for the company so that we can invest in and secure the company’s development and the employees.


Adopt a time horizon of 50 years – We have patience and focus on long-term values but strive to be fast and agile in decision-making. The focus is on continuous improvement, which results in incremental growth, expansion and continuously investing in the companies.

We strive to have fun and grow together